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SPY is a study group consisting of young psychologists. We are studying on computer science, software engineering, networking, artificial intelligence and robotics.

The topics were:

HSP, as A Powerful Tool for Psychological Experiments

Hot Soup Processor (HSP) is a script language system. Using HSP, you can make the most suitable computer programs for your experiments, freely and easily.

HSP is a "free software" which you shall use without guarantee. But that seldom makes trouble. HSP is much refined since it has been developed for a long time.

HSP helps you make up your experiments efficiently, and will be a great support for your work. HSP is the best tool for psychological experiments, especially of higher-cognitive, behavioral, linguistic, and social studies.

Get HSP!

HSP supports Japanese language processing. Perhaps, the development of HSP has mainly focused on Japanese. And if you want, surely, you could download the English version of HSP from the following URL. http://www.onionsoft.net/hsp/file/hsp255eng.zip

When the download is not available, I am willing to send you the archive of the English version.

This English version is not the latest of HSP (the latest is ver. 3.0). You should use the latest one if you are going to conduct an experiment in Japanese.

Besides, using HSP POLYGLOT, you can display texts in various languages with HSP. HSP POLYGLOT can be downloaded directly here http://www.vector.co.jp/download/file/win95/prog/fh327363.html, and European language font set is available at http://www.vector.co.jp/download/file/win95/prog/fh327358.html. (Both download pages are written in Japanese.)

Details and Features

Many high-performance modules and plug-ins for HSP are free and open on the web so that you can deal with not only texts and files showed above but also all kinds of images, audios, and videos, and can control your experimental procedure very precisely in terms of some aspects such as time span. The long and short of it is that, HSP brings you almost everything that PC is capable to do.


Document for HSP System / Install Guide (hsp2.htm)

The translation project of HSP official documents is running now. So there are still not complete English documents.

The project page (in Japanese)

  1. first written on 2004-10-06
  2. slightly modified on 2007-06-23